Discover How You Can Be Liberated From Business CHAOS And Work ON Your Business!
The Ultimate Group Coaching Experience To Hold You Accountable To Working ON Your Business So You Can Stop Working IN Your Business!
YOU Are The Hero Of This Story!

You own a Small Business.  You took the risk.  You should be rewarded.

 The definition of a hero is “a person who is admired for courage”.  In our book, anyone who is willing take the risk of starting and leading a Small Business is constantly putting courage on display.  That is YOU!
Thank you!  
Thank you for the long days and late nights.  Thank you for the innovation and ideas that have led to your unique product or service.  Thank you for serving the world with a local dose of courage.
You Are "Constantly Putting Out Fires"...

While we are excited to hear more about you, the feeling you may be experiencing instead of excitement is that your Small Business is owning you.  

You are constantly putting out fires, answering emails, scratching your head over the books, deciding whether to hire (or fire) the next person, and owing someone for something that you forgot about.

Payroll is a continual headache and employees and vendors are asking more and more for less and less.  You may have a little money in your business account, but how much of it is true profit?

You started your business so you could run it and make time and money for what matters most but the “matters most” time seems to be consumed by the things you like the least!

You want a system that runs even when you are not there so you can attend your daughter’s mid-morning school ceremony...but there is just no time.

You want a vision that you are pushing towards in your business so you can have more marginal to sit on the back porch and have a real conversation with your spouse where the business, or money, is NOT the primary theme.

You want freedom from the CHAOS of working IN your business.
You Need A Plan...

Hundreds of Small Business owners have been exactly where you are and through the Four Steps To Business Freedom, and a lot of implementation, are experiencing a level of calm, clarity and freedom even while their peers are spinning out of control.

The Four Steps To Business Freedom is not rocket-science, instead it is a step by step, substantive system that walks you through a powerful process leading you discover…

-What a detailed snapshot of the future of your business looks like (Vision) so you (and everyone else) knows where you are going

-Why you get out of bed each morning (Mission)...your rally cry

-What guardrails need to be put in place for all decision making (Unique Values) so next steps become clear quickly

-Turn by turn directions to achieving your Vision (3 Roadmaps) giving extreme calm even in the rush hour traffic of business

-How your business needs to be laid out role by role (Org 2.0)

-How to find the right people to fit in the right roles at the right time for the right purpose so you can significantly decrease those awkward employee moments

-How you can never micro-manage again, and turn every team meeting into an action and implementation machine

-How you can FINALLY SEE A REAL PROFIT IN DOLLARS, and not just a line item on a silly income statement

-How to build SIMPLE processes for every element of your business so others can take the ball and run towards your vision

The Four Steps To Business Freedom is the key that unlocks the prison of your existing Small Business that is currently affording you limited freedom and access to the things that matter most!
Implement And YOU WILL WIN!

Once implemented, the Four Steps To Business Freedom provided Matt Miller the opportunity to breathe and allow others to step in and help push is company towards their Vision.  Watch Matt’s story here…

Matt Miller
Founder & Owner, School Spirit Vending
Discover How Tom Schwab Of Interview Valet Is Experiencing Business Freedom!
An Opportunity For Freedom... 

You need a fresh perspective on your current situation.  Einstein was right, doing more of the same is going to leave you frustrated and certainly feels insane!

Stop the insanity.  Stop the CHAOS.

Schedule a simple 25 minute strategy session right now.

During the virtual face to face meeting with a live Four Steps Pro Certified Coach, you will be able to walk through your situation and receive coaching on one to two things that you can take action on right now to help liberate you from the CHAOS of working IN your business.

Stop the cycle.  Do something different and create the habit of action.

At the conclusion of the strategy session, if your Four Steps Pro Certified Coach determines that the Four Steps To Business Freedom experience is a potential fit for you and your business then we will be delighted to share details of the Four Steps program providing you the coaching you need to get to your VISION!

We have made it simple to take action and be liberated from CHAOS.  Just click the button below...right now.
The Four Steps To Business Freedom IS For You If...

-Your business is running you and you feel CHAOTIC

-You are constantly dealing with the headaches and “putting out fires”

-You know you ought to delegate but haven’t yet

-You long for the freedom to manage your own workload

-You need to create margin for what matters most

Imagine walking into a coaching meeting one day and telling us, “I’ve got some extra time...what do I do with it?”  That was a real question from a client...and that could be you!

Your business needs to run without you, and we will walk with you to get started.
The Four Steps To Business Freedom IS NOT For You If...

-You “know” there is no other way than what you are doing right now

-You are dependent on the Four Steps To Business Freedom System to cure everything

-You are not willing to invest time, money, and sweat to the process

-You are addicted to CHAOS (yes...many people are)

We “speak life” throughout the process knowing that our attitude has a major influence on the results.

If you are “all in”, then you will see significant results and will need to go ahead and figure out how you will fill the margin of time that working the Four Steps To Freedom System will help you achieve.

FROM: Scott Beebe
DATE: September 24, 2021